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After you review the information below then please proceed to The main information instruction page:  and carefully read it completely.

When you proceed to the main OJW information-instruction (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for weight control), pay particular attention to HOW TO PROCEED, FEE AND METHODS OF PAYMENT.

Here is a preview of these headings.

I determine whether you are a good candidate (likely to achieve your goal weight after reviewing three forms located at this link>>>: Informed Consent for OJW, , below that the Medical-Dental History Form and below that the Financial Memo .  Copy and paste all in an email. Read carefully, provide all information requested and email to

Last and most importantly:
A simple note from your physician or proxy healthcare provider saying that “you may begin a long term, low-calorie liquid diet”. When I receive the documents I will call you and let you know if you are a good candidate. You are required to provide the physician's note as a necessary condition for me to provide the OJW service. You may send this note to me at a later date.

FEE: $2785 on or before fitting. Promotion or discounts are offered from time-to-time. After you have sent me the documents requested you can inquire if there are any at that time.

INSURANCE COVERAGE: While overweight (obesity) is classified per se as a disease (with multiple health consequences), “OJW" for weight loss/control: has not been granted a “treatment code”. Consequently there are no insurance benefits:  Please inquire with your health plan.  I would be delighted to be mistaken in regards to my knowledge of the currency of my information.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: Personal check (allow 10 days to clear), certified bank check, cash or Master/Visa/ credit cards, cash advance cards like Care-credit. Additional administrative fees will be applied with the exception of payment by cash, certified bank check or personal check.

PAYMENT PLANS: are sometimes accepted when the patient is willing to grant an “Auto Deductions” from a valid credit card. The quoted fee may be paid over a maximum of three months. If you are interested please provide your Social Security number ___ __ ____ and a copy of the front and back of your credit Card.

When I have received the documents requested in "How to Proceed" I will review them and then contact you to let you know whether you

are a "good" candidate for OJW for weight control.

Teddy Rothstein DDS PhD
Orthodontist: Life-Active AAO Member/PCOS
Inventor of and Specialist in OJW™:
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight Control

At present: 161 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Portland, Oregon: Office to be announced

Applying for OJW

I received your inquiry. Send docs I'll review and call you. Thank you for inquiring. Dtr :-)

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