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Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for weight-control

Orthodontic Jaw Wiring  for Weight loss OJW®: Weight-control  in Compulsive Overeating–


Guide to getting started

Rev. 020117

OJW® is a registered trademark.

Teddy Rothstein DDS PhD
Orthodontist: Life-Active AAO Member
Inventor of and Specialist in OJW™
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight Control
Portland, Oregon: Office to be announced

The rationale, wiring instructions, video of Dawna self-wiring and Jaw position [click here]









DEAR WOULD-BE OJW PATIENT: I provide this service with pleasure and truly believe in it, because I have provided it to many patients who’ve expressed delight in the success they achieved regaining control of their self-destructive eating habits. OJW is not for everyone and success with OJW is not guaranteed. I try to select candidates on the basis of whether I believe they are likely to be successful with this approach to weight control.


HOW and WHY OJW helps you lose weight is explained question 3.


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ORTHODONTIC JAW WIRING refers to the entire domain of the OJW provider’s responsibility for selecting patients according to a specified criteria, providing them with informed consent so that they are aware of the risks and limitations of OJW, then wiring their jaws (see also) (see also) together by a prescribed, method, transmitting that know-how to the patient (especially if they are not able to return to your office and can not find a professional level provider) and finally, reexamining them and rewiring them periodically after examination has shown that their dentition, gingiva, and TMJ have remained healthy until the period of time that they have elected to receive OJW expires (usually about 6-9 months; representing a weight loss of 50-75 pounds) and you have removed the wiring and brackets. OJW presumes that the service is provided under the auspices of a healthcare team which includes: the patient’s physician and dentist, the provider of the OJW service, a dietitian, and when applicable the patient’s psychologist and/or psychotherapist as well as the input of a bariatric surgeon.

HOW TO WIRE THE JAWS CORRECTLY:  (A 2-Minute video produced by Dr. Rothstein)



HOW OJW WORKS: How OJW works  See the letter sent to members of the dental and medical profession and educators re a documentary film on the subject. Good to know:  Orthodontic Jaw Wiring FAQS. Finally, you can peruse a compilation of most of the references to OJW on the World Wide Web. Read the latest press releaseA


is a new concept introduced in to the OJW protocol. Read More… 


I determine whether you are a good candidate (likely to achieve your goal weight after reviewing three forms locate at this link>>> the Informed Consent for OJW,  below that the Medical-Dental History Form and below that the Financia l Memo.   Copy and paste all in an email. Then answer all questions and email to

Last and most importantly:
A simple note from your physician or proxy healthcare provider saying that “you may begin a long term, low-calorie liquid diet”. When I receive the documents I will call you and let you know if you are a good candidate. You are required to provide the physician’s note as a necessary condition for me to provide the OJW service. You may send this note to me at a later date.

FEE: $2785. Promotion or discounts are offered from time-to-time. After you have sent me the documents requested you can inquire if there are any at that time.

INSURANCE COVERAGE: While overweight (obesity) is classified per se as a disease (with multiple health consequences), “OJW for weight loss/control: has not been granted a “treatment code”. Consequently there are no insurance benefits:  Please inquire with your health plan.  I would be delighted to be mistaken in regards to my knowledge of the currency of my information.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: Personal check (allow 10 days to clear), certified bank check, cash or Master/Visa/ credit cards, Flex-spending and Cash advance cards like Care-credit. Additional administrative fees will be applied with the exception of payment by cash, certified bank check or personal check, Finally,

PAYMENT PLANS: are sometimes accepted when the patient is willing to grant an “Auto Deductions” from a valid credit card. The quoted fee may be paid over a maximum of three months. If you are interested please provide your Social Security number ___ __ ____ and a copy of the front and back of your credit Card.

When I have received the documents requested in “How to Proceed” I will review them and then contact you to let you know whether you are a “good” candidate for OJW for weight control.

Cordially, Dr. Teddy Rothstein 




Top Left Corner (Ex.)




Top Right Corner


Bottom Left Corner


Bottom Right Corner





PATIENT -CARE is considered complete when the brackets are removed.

*NOTE FOR OUT-OF STATE PATIENTS: For those OJW patients from out-of-state who can not return to my office to have their OJW brackets removed Dr. Rothstein will assist you in locating an orthodontist as close as possible to your home who will remove the 12 brackets (one minute or less)  and the adhesive (about 5 minutes).  The fee may vary from $175-$250. Do confirm the fee with the orthodontist who you choose to remove the brackets.

INSURANCE COVERAGE: The 5th edition of the Manual of Diagnostic Disorders (“DSM5″) written by the American Psychiatric Association has been upgraded and BINGE-EATING DISORDER (BED see WikiPedia), formerly mentioned in the appendix was upgraded to a full-blown diagnosis. Could this mean your insurance company might cover OJW since it is a treatment modality that directly addresses this problem. AMA RECOGNIZES OBESITY AS A DISEASE NY Times 061913 …more  …more 


1. Staff takes a panoramic X-ray and frontal and profile body photos.


2. Doctor does an intraoral and jaw movement exam.
3. Doctor bonds the 12 brackets.
4. Doctor demonstrates placing and removing the wires.
5. Patient demonstrates that they are proficient at doing the wiring and rewiring themselves.
6. Patient is given the safety/precautions instructions.
7. Doctor completes the final wiring.
8. Provides patient with a utility kit including wire twisting and wire cutting instruments.


Directory/index of all OJW related pages on Of special interest items: #1.5,   #2, #102,  #103 and #121.




DIRECTIONS FROM ALL AIRPORTS to my office. The Yellow metered cab from LAGUARDIA to the office takes under 30 minutes and costs about $30. By bus and subway the cost is $2.50. From JFK and EWR expect to pay between $45-$60. Consider Uber.

Your mouth has many functions both obvious (talking) and not so obvious (sneezing) and is therefore the source of many pleasurable activities. The loss of any of them may provoke anxiety. Therefore one should think carefully about undertaking this method of weight control. Would-be Patients who cannot obtain A simple note from your physician saying that “you may begin a long term, low-calorie liquid diet.” Patients who might be allergic to metal components in the brackets/wiring/bracket adhesive: For example, Nickel is component of brackets.  I have had at least one patient who had to abandon OJW for symptoms that mimicked an allergy.

a. Persons who need to floss their teeth due to gum problems or other compulsive reasons.

b. Persons who speak abundantly for business or other reasons whose speech might be rendered less than perfectly clear because of being wired closed. (My long years of experience with OJW patients leads me to conclude that normal speech is not impaired) Hear Valerie in OJW (same day)  Feb 2002 Listen to Valerie Hear Pamela In OJW (next day) May 2008  Listen to Pamela


c. Persons whose sex life would be rendered intolerable if intimate oral functions were impaired… even a little.


d. Persons with multiple-missing, loose or decayed teeth: The teeth typically used in OJW (See photos above): Upper Right: #4 #5 #6; Upper left: #11 #12 #13 Lower Rt: #29 #28 #27; Lower Lt: #22  #21 #20 (Absent one of these teeth, Iwill sometimes use a tooth more towards the back or front.)


(Absent one of these teeth, I will sometimes use a tooth more towards the back or front.)

e. Those with psychological or emotional disorders who might feel powerless/ panicky with their mouths wired closed.

f. Those whose work functions might be impaired such as an actor, singer, waiter, teacher etc.


g. Persons with systemic diseases such as diabetics whose diets could not accommodate a liquid diet.


h. Persons who cannot breathe through their nose and whose breathing might be compromised by being held continuously in a closed bite teeth position.


i. Those who are highly allergic are more at risk.

j. Persons who have respiratory ailments such as snoring and/or sleep apnea as well as those who must use use a broncho-dilator spray such as asthmatics.

k. Persons who have a history of Temporo-Mandibular Joint dysfunction (TMJ). Learn more about the TMJ: [Information source number 1], [Information source number 2].

l. Persons who are taking oral pill/capsule form medications could encounter some difficulties trying to pass a large capsule into the mouth behind the last teeth. It would be virtually impossible if the wisdom teeth were fully in place.

m. Persons who compulsively clench/brux/gnash their teeth.

n. Persons who have, or are suspected of having, anorexia or bulemia to begin with.

o. Persons with frank unresolved periodontal (gum-tooth socket) problems.

p. Persons who drink alcoholic beverages. (Alcohol suppresses the gag reflex). In the event of alcoholic intoxication vomiting can occur. [See note from respected oral-surgeon/orthodontist educator.] 


q. Persons who:

1. will not provide a telephone number
2. do not have an Email address.

3. below the age of 21 unless accompanied by a parent.

4. are NOT more than 125 pounds overweight or less than 25 pounds overweight (i.e moderately obese and obese, but not “morbidly” obese).

In 2009 I asked my OJW patients to respond to a pressing comprehensive Questionnaire Survey: See their responses  (Excel spread sheet).

OTHER OJW PROVIDERS: Dr. Ted Steliotes, Pittsburgh, PA

Note: Providers may deviate significantly from the protocol I teach when providing the OJW service.  For example some doctors may use elastics instead of wires (BIG NO-NO), or wire the teeth so that they cannot

move their jaw at all, or worse yet use surgical arch bars instead of orthodontic brackets–Caveat emptor !

The .014 deadsoft stainless steel wire limits the extent to which the jaw may open. The wiring DOES NOT hold the jaw up: Your muscles are doing that.

Orthodontic brackets WITH VERTICAL POSTS.are bonded to the Canines and Premolars. The PURPLE straw inserted prior to wiring positions the jaw. Straws come in various thicknesses to capture Rothstein's Position of OJW physiologic  rest.

Improved/Enhanced Cosmetics

Easier patient rewiring


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