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Weight-Control with Jaw Wiring

Weight-control with Orthodontic Jaw Wiring

OJW®: Weight-control

Since 1998
Invented and Developed by Ted Rothstein DDS PhD

Mission Statement

Dr. Rothstein goal is nothing less then to continue providing OJW and teaching it online and in every office clinic hospital and dental school nationally and internationally​ until it is fully embraced by physicians and dentists and given a treatment code number in the Dentists and Physicians book of treatment codes. And, finally that it be covered by insurance companies.

What is OJW?

“OJW” is an acronym for Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for the purpose of Weight Control, especially for those who eat "compulsively". Under my  protocol, using standard orthodontic brackets, your jaw is wired in to its normal "rest" position and is being suspended not by the wires but by the muscles of mastication. The wiring simply prevents you from opening any further than that. Indeed, speech is remarkably unaffected (Listen: Speech Quality).   At the end of saying "Emma"  It is likely you are in that position.  Consequently, you are limited to a liquid diet while you jaw remains suspended in its natural, stable position.

Every four-five weeks the wiring is removed by you to allow your jaw to resume its total uninhibited movement for four to five days and is rewired by me when possible and by you otherwise, for another four-five week period. See: Dawna Demos Self-wiring

Those who adhere closely to this protocol will inevitably lose 25-30 pounds every 3 months when they adhere to a low-calorie liquid diet. See  How it Works: FAQS Q3. OJW patients must elect a goal weight at commencement.


The Scope of Dentistry  does not permit Dental professionals to diagnose Overweight/Obesity. Therefore you are obliged to provide me with a simple note from your Primary Care Provider (PCP) indicating that you are at liberty to  begin a long-term, low-calorie liquid diet.

In 2009, when I sent out an extensive questionnaire to all the patients I had treated using the OJW device and protocol, it was clear from the responses that the greater majority of the overweight- obese demographic were in favor of Dental Professionals assisting them with controlling weight by this method.


It was also clear that the method was thought to be safe and effective and a far more preferable alternative to Bariatric Surgery with its menacing mortality rate and weight-loss medications with their unknown side effects on organ systems.

Finally it was also clear that respondents felt the lack of OJW providers has prevented it from taking root among Dental Professionals. And that's because it it has not been widely embraced by the  organizations of the ADA and the AAO causing uncertainty regarding liability issues.  It is not for lack of trying on my part.

I have good reasons to believe Oregon will be the first state to include it in their scope of dentistry thereby allowing Dental Professionals to provide weight-control services in their offices.

I provide this service with pleasure and pride and truly believe in it, because I have provided it to many patients who’ve expressed delight in the success they achieved regaining control of their self-destructive eating habits.


OJW is not for everyone and success with OJW is not guaranteed. I try to select candidates on the basis of whether I believe they are likely to be successful with this approach to weight control. HOW and WHY OJW helps you lose weight is understandable if you read my explanation:(Tab "HowItWorks" above).  You might also like to read: “Why do we eat when we’re not hungry?” Ans. and 1000 Weight-Maintenance Ideas.

The following article will provide you with very interesting background material. I recommend you read it.  WEIGHT CONTROL: THE DENTAL PROFESSIONAL’S ROLE

Cordially, Dr. Teddy Rothstein 

Ps: You are now invited to join “OJW Patients" (OP)--a private Facebook group-page where OJW Patients are sharing their concerns, experiences and reflections regarding OJW as a method of addressing weight control issues:   "JOIN GROUP"   Your posts are private on this page.  You are at liberty to post remarks with one provision:  The subject of the post is related to OJW and/or weight-control issues. 

Dental Professionals are invited to send a request to join my "OJW Group" for dental professionals at groups/5160631


Teddy Rothstein DDS PhD
Orthodontist: Life-Active AAO Member/PCOS
Inventor of and Specialist in OJW™:
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight Control

At present: 161 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Portland, Oregon: Office to be announced

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