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What is OJW?
WHAT is OJW™: Weight-Control?

“OJW” is an acronym for Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for the purpose of Weight Control, especially for those who eat "compulsively  under emotional stress". Under my OJWforWeightControl protocol, using standard orthodontic brackets, your jaw is wired in to its normal "rest" position and is being suspended not by the wires but by the muscles of mastication. The wiring simply prevents you from opening any further than that.








Indeed, speech is remarkably unaffected (Listen: Speech Quality).   At the end of saying "Emma"  It is likely you are in that position.  Consequently, you are limited to a liquid diet while your jaw remains suspended in its natural, stable position.​Every four-five weeks the wiring is removed by you to allow your jaw to resume its total uninhibited movement for four to five days and is rewired by me when possible and by you otherwise, for another four-five week period. See: Dawna Demos Self-wiring. ​

Those who adhere closely to this protocol will inevitably lose 25-30 pounds every 3 months when they adhere to a low-calorie liquid diet. See  How it Works: FAQS Q3. OJW patients must elect a goal weight at commencement.


The Scope of Dentistry  does not permit Dental professionals to diagnose Overweight/Obesity. Therefore you are obliged to provide me with a simple note from your Primary Care Provider (PCP) indicating that you are at liberty to  begin a long-term, low-calorie liquid diet.

In 2009, when I sent out an extensive questionnaire to all the patients I had treated using the OJW device and protocol, it was clear from the responses that the greater majority of the overweight- obese demographic were in favor of Dental Professionals assisting them with controlling weight by this method.


It was also clear that the method was thought to be safe and effective and a far more preferable alternative to Bariatric Surgery with its menacing mortality rate and weight-loss medications with their unknown side effects on organ systems.

Finally it was also clear that respondents felt the lack of OJW providers has prevented it from taking root among Dental Professionals. And that's because it it has not been widely embraced by the  organizations of the ADA and the AAO causing uncertainty regarding liability issues.  It is not for lack of trying on my part.

I have good reasons to believe Oregon will be the first state to include it in their scope of dentistry thereby allowing Dental Professionals to provide weight-control services in their offices.

I provide this service with pleasure and pride and truly believe in it, because I have provided it to many patients who’ve expressed delight in the success they achieved regaining control of their self-destructive eating habits.


OJW is not for everyone and success with OJW is not guaranteed. I try to select candidates on the basis of whether I believe they are likely to be successful with this approach to weight control. HOW and WHY OJW helps you lose weight is understandable if you read my explanation:(Tab "HowItWorks" above).  You might also like to read: “Why do we eat when we’re not hungry?” Ans. and 1000 Weight-Maintenance Ideas.

The following article will provide you with very interesting background material. I recommend you read it.  WEIGHT CONTROL: THE DENTAL PROFESSIONAL’S ROLE

Cordially, Dr. Teddy Rothstein 


Ps: You are now invited to JOIN “OJW Patients" (OP) --a private Facebook group-page where OJW Patients are sharing their concerns, experiences and reflections regarding OJW as a method of addressing weight control issues: To join, click the link above to go to the "OJW Patients" Facebook Page and then click "JOIN GROUP."   Your posts are private on this page.  You are at liberty to post remarks with one provision:  The subject of the post is related to OJW and/or weight-control issues. 


Dental Professionals are invited to go to  JOIN my "OJW Group" for Dental Professionals on LinkedIn by clicking the above link and sending me a request.


Teddy Rothstein DDS PhD
Orthodontist: Life-Active AAO Member/PCOS
Inventor of and Specialist in OJW™:
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight Control

At present: 161 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Portland, Oregon: Office to be announced

WHAT is OJW: Ultra/Lite?


Early in 2021, Dr. Rothstein designed and produced by 3D printing a sleek, low profile, clear-transparent bracket to replace the typical metal orthodontic bracket he had used when fitting patients. Moreover, he substituted an ultra-thin (.007’ half as thin) as the wire he typically used in the past (.014). He quickly discovered the advantages of this new system were manifold. Thus was born OJW: Lite.












Below are the qualities that make OJW:Lite a terrific choice for your treatment...

  • Comfort: all surfaces are curved; barely perceptible after being bondedPatient adaptation is remarkably rapid

  • Bracket design and clarity allow complete light curing of adhesive

  • Cosmetics:  almost totally invisible—non metal

  • Brackets can be used with ultra-thin wiring (.007”) Bracket slot (.014”)

  • Ultra-thin wire makes rewiring way easier

  • Ultra-thin wire gives the patient an instant sense of the position of their Jaw 

  • The bracket slot-design (depth) permits lower Jaw to move comfortably in its “envelope of motion” when wired

  • Bonding surface of the bracket is designed for maximum cohesion to the tooth.

  • Its low-profile smooth design may reduce risk of bracket detachment if patient forgetfully eats a solid food that risks causing bracket detachment (crispy, crunch or crusty) especially during the Five-day period they are supposed to be unwired.


Now that you've met “LITE”which  refers to the use of this bracket and the ultrathin wire when fitting a patient with OJW, using three brackets in each corner of the mouth (12-in-all)...

MEET... OJW: Ultralite


“Ultralite” evolved when Dr. Rothstein decided that using only two brackets in each corner of the of the mouth (8-in-all) with the Ultrathin wire was sufficient to meet the objectives of OJW: Limit the opening of the jaw to prevent ingestion of solid comfort-junk food without impairing speech in people with CEEP (Compulsive Emotional Eating Problems)

The attributes of “Ultralite” make it highly desirable for those OJW: Weight-Control candidates who want the ultimate weight control appliance in cosmetic appearance, comfort and carefree ease of rewiring.

ojwlite wired 3U3L.JPG
What is OJW: Ultra/Lite?
Why do OJW?
WHO is a good candidate for OJW?
If you're looking for a safe and effective method to get your weight under control  and you are eating compulsively based  emotions, and you see the risks of bariatric surgery & weight-loss medications as anathema, then you could be a candidate for OJW:

Your BMI is between 28 and 38 

Your overall health is still good.
Have failed at previous methods  of weight control 
You are looking to jump-start an attainable weight-loss goal.
Consider weight-loss medications out of the question
and Weight-reduction gastric surgery  too risky.
Have failed  at previous other weight-control method;
and finally, are eating "mindlessly" when you're not hungry
or experiencing Binge -Eating-Disorder (BED)
Then OJW could be the right choice for you; Make up your mind to:
...Make A Change.

Step-up to OJW™-- It's Safe and Effective*
Brooklyn, NY ● Portland, OR (Oct. ’17)
See Wiring video
How do I start OJW?


After you review the information below then please proceed to the main information instruction page:  and carefully read it completely.

When you proceed to the main OJW information-instruction (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for weight control), pay particular attention to the guidelines on HOW TO PROCEED, FEE, and METHODS OF PAYMENT. Below is a preview of each of those guidelines.

HOW TO PROCEED: I determine whether you are a good candidate (likely to achieve your goal weight) after reviewing three forms located at this link  >>> : INFORMED CONSENT for OJW. The three forms are 1) the Informed Consent 2) below that, the Medical-Dental History Form and 3) below that the Financial Memo.  Copy and paste all in an email. Read carefully, provide all information requested and email to


Last and most importantly...  4) A simple note from your physician or proxy healthcare provider saying that “you may begin a long term, low-calorie liquid diet”. When I receive the documents I will call you and let you know if you are a good candidate. You are required to provide the physician's note as a necessary condition for me to provide the OJW service. You may send this note to me at a later date.

FEE: $2785 on or before fitting. Promotion or discounts are offered from time-to-time — after you have sent me the documents requested you can inquire if there are any at that time.

INSURANCE COVERAGE: While overweight (obesity) is classified per se as a disease (with multiple health consequences), "OJW for Weight Control" has not been granted a “treatment code”. Consequently there are no insurance benefits:  Please inquire with your health plan.  I would be delighted to be mistaken in regards to my knowledge of current information.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: Personal check (allow 10 days to clear), certified bank check, cash or Master/Visa/credit cards, cash advance cards like Care-credit. Additional administrative fees will be applied with the exception of payment by cash, certified bank check or personal check.

PAYMENT PLANS: are sometimes accepted when the patient is willing to grant an “Auto Deduction” from a valid credit card. The quoted fee may be paid over a maximum of three months. If you are interested please provide your Social Security number ___ __ ____ and a copy of the front and back of your credit Card.


When I have received the documents requested in "How to Proceed" I will review them and then contact you to let you know whether you are a "good" candidate for OJW for Weight Control.

Teddy Rothstein DDS PhD
Orthodontist: Life-Active AAO Member/PCOS
Inventor of and Specialist in OJW™:
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight Control

At present: 161 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Portland, Oregon: Office to be announced

HOW do I start OJW?

T.S.--"I feel for the first time I'm able to deal with the means to my end; losing weight."

G.M.W.--" I'm in Texas for the flooding. I'm 33 pounds lighter than I was when you last saw me."


Dean of OHSU Dental School  Dr.. Phillip Marucha:.  if the Oregon Board of Dentistry sanctions  Weight control for Dental  professionals I  will  permit you to present your work to the students and staff .  On June 23 it was passed. My presentation See

J.G. --Referring to application to speak at the Int. Dent Cong July '17 Kuala Lumpur:

"That's fantastic Doc, you are a true pioneer who changed my life as well as many others!!! You should have a sense of positive accomplishment because it's REAL!! Keep the faith and keep spreading the OJW message!! :-) g-d bless you!"

J.G.--"I did not want to gamble with my life and to me Bariatric surgery is a BIG BIG gamble."

A.C.--I have had and continue to still have great results from my OJW. One of the best choices I have ever made for myself."

G.S.--"For some people it is the only way to lose weight and conquer uncontrollable eating habits."haver


A.C. -- " I have been weight free for 10 years because of you :) I am proof that this works and can continue to work with the proper help and a strong backing and good network of people. OJW really is the first step. It goes deeper than what we're putting in our mouths. Everything in our lives need to be treated in order to beat this. You equipped me with everything I needed and advised me along the way. " Love to you always!  --Apryl Copenhaver

J.G.--"All of the dentists you will see about this are sheep and are afraid to do such a procedure. Only the good doc in Brooklyn Heights has the know how and cares enough about his patients to help them with his innovative proven technique. I went and saw Dr. Ted and lost over 70lbs. Dr. Ted is the only dentist/orthodontist that is willing to use his knowledge to help the patient lose weight and help them achieve overall better health. Not just pretty or healthy teeth. The whole patient."

N.N.--"Thanks to Dr Ted Rothstein, a dentist in Brooklyn, NY for wiring my jaw shut. He calls it OJW (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring) I lost 60 pounds in 3 months. I went from size 16/18 to size 7/8! (See her video.)

“J.F.--"The positive feedback I've received from from the weight is  beyond belief...the most negative comment is : "Will you be able to keep the weight off."

Praise for OJW

T.R.--"OJW does NOT prevent you from smiling. It does prevents you from hilarious laughter. I would describe what you can do as "robust chuckling".

ABOUT Dr. Rothstein

                                Teddy Rothstein, DDS, PhD Podcast: Howard Farran’s Live One-hour interview with Dr. Ted Rothstein DDS PhD-Inventor of OJW®: Weight-control


Orthodontic Jaw Wiring Inventor and Developer

About Dr. Rothstein

In 1965, Dr Rothstein graduated from Temple Dental University in Philadelphia, Pa. and spent another eleven years there in a Hospital residency, followed by Graduate school in Anthropology where he received another Doctorate. His mentor there was Marion Wilton Krogman, the Chairman of the Department of Physical Anthropology, whose extensive knowledge and fame was unbeknownst to Dr. Rothstein. Working on his PhD between 1968 and 1971 was Dr. Rothstein's introduction to the world of computers. His purchase (for the first time, only at the end of 2016) of an iPhone speaks for itself.

He used his special knowledge about growth and development to get into NYU Orthodontic and finished in 1973.  He lived and practiced Orthodontics in Brooklyn Heights, NY for thirty-seven years where he honed his skills at one of the most challenging and pleasurable occupations one could ask for—the creation of a smile. As his mantra goes:  "A beautiful smile is a priceless asset."  Just under six-thousand smiles is the legacy he has left, while consistently striving to leave his patients with a life-long impression of a caring doctor.

In August of 2016, he pulled up stakes and moved to Portland where he is very pleased to be. He has already grown deep Portland roots and plans to continue providing the OJW service to Portlanders, because he believes in it and, over the years, his patients have applauded him for his efforts — while his critics have seen their arguments lose strength in the face of his successful record. 

How he came to be providing this services is a story he wrote about in: WEIGHT CONTROL: THE DENTAL PROFESSIONAL’S ROLE. In that article he describes the genesis, development and future vision of OJW.


Resulting from his 2016 petition, there is good reason to believe that the Oregon Board of Dentists is going to sanction OJW Statewide by not later than October 2017.


His recent post at speaks to the many connections he knows nationally and internationally who are Dental Professionals.  He also has a group for OJW Dental Professionals where he shares his vision with colleagues who share his belief that “Weight-Control Dental Professionals” are part of the Healthcare team that provides services to those who have weight-challenging issues that OJW can help.

The documents necessary to apply for the OJW service that Dr. Rothstein provides are located (HERE)

February 1, 2017
Ted Rothstein DDS PhD/Orthodontics
AAO--Life-active member/PCOS
ADA (National, State and County)
Inventor an Specialist in OJW for weight control
Portland, Oregon  97202, LinkedIn

©January 2017 by Teddy Rothstein

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