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OJW Certification Exam on LinkedIn

This is a teaching exam in which you will learn by and large all that is needed to know to provide this service in your dental department/facility/office when you have completed the course I teach: 

I will send you the answers after you have completed the course I offer. For now you can see the test. There are 60 questions. The answers are provided with the test. I'll send you a certificate of OJW Course Completion. Forty-eight correct answers of out sixty (48/60) is passing.

Suggested reading:
The informed consent for OJW
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Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: The Dental Professional's Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity

60 QUESTIONS--no time limit:

OJW is an acronym for Orthodontic Jaw Wiring?
At the present time OJW is covered by some insurance companies?
Obesity is a risk factor for many other serious health problems?
The ADA at present seems to be in favor of dental professionals providing weight related services?
By and large the public would welcome having dental professionals help them with weight problems?
Only licensed dental professionals may legally provide OJW?
Regaining lost weight is common to all weight loss methods including gastric bypass surgery?
According to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services obesity BMI 30-39 occurs in
What is BMI an acronym for?
Of the dental professional listed below which one is not permitted to provide OJW:
It is recommended but not mandatory to have a panorex or FMS when doing OJW?
You may do OJW on a patient who has Type II diabetes if you have a note from their physician saying they may begin a low-calorie, long-tern liquid diet?

Thanks for submitting!

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